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Treeview Co., Ltd. (paid-up capital of THB 610million) commenced operations in 2001 with a vision of becoming the most customer focused, innovative and successful TV manufacturer in SE Asia and also introducing a real alternative to the worldwide customers who source from China by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and maintaining focus on customer requirements.

We have crossed many milestones some of them are:
  • 2001 : Established Treeview 1 on 14-rai land to recycle and assemble TV-sets
  • 2011 : Entered agreement with Skyworth (Toshiba previously) and Haier to be their TV assembly base for SE Asia
  • 2013 : Started supply open-cell to Chang Hong TV factories
  • 2016 : Commenced Treeview 2 on new 14-rai land connected to Treeview 1
  • 2017 : Launched its own brand PrismaPro, TVM and Westinghouse
We manufacture wide range of consumer electronic products include:
  • Assembling TV set (from 17” to 84”)
  • Trading open-cell
  • Portable AC
  • Other products: VDO wall, Electric board, etc.

We have in-house capabilities of designing LED TVs from 17" to 84" in HD to UHD 4K Smart versions. Enjoy the magnificence of everything you watch with Full HD and Ultra HD LED TVs, equipped with high-end technology and smart features.

According to Frost & Sullivan report, the television industry witnessed massive technological changes in the last ten years with the introduction of panel TVs that resulted in the phasing out of CRT TVs. FPD TV sales surpassed significantly in year 2012 and CRT TV by 2013, certain players reduced the number of LCD models to increase focus in LED TVs. By 2014, these players exited the production of LCD TVs. The industry witnessed a shift from adoption of LCD TVs to LED TVs which is currently the dominant one. The miniscule market for LCD TVs is largely catered by the older models of the major players and other small players. Although the initial transition from CRT TV to LCD TV was rapid, LED TV adoption overtook LCD TV market owing to narrow price differences, better viewing experience and lower power consumption features.

Our strategy in the consumer electronics vertical is to further strengthen relationships with our existing customers, focus on enhancement of design capabilities and develop a large range of product portfolio, expand our geographical footprint and manufacturing capacity by way of the proposed facility at Bang La Moong which is Treeview 1 & 2 (TV assembly plant) with the production capacity of:

  • TV-set: 1.8 million sets (8 hr)
  • Open-cell : 1-1.5 million units equivalent (24 hr)
Our customers are:
  • OEM/ODM for Haier, Skyworth, Sanyo, Chanfhong, Intex, Onida, AJ, Distar, Soken, Mitron, Pankaj, DigiMeida, Fuji, Maser, Mitsui, Venturo, Hyasong, National, Geestar, Mitsun
  • Own brands: PrismaPro, TVM, Westinghouse, Werth, Asguard
  • Export to TV manufacturers e.g. Haier (HK), Chang Hong (CN), Hong Ling (CN)

Our In-House Brands