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The latest buzz in the domain of television industry is the LED technology. The massive promotion of the idea that is technically sounder and visually morecadvanced that boosts your decision to buy LED TV instantly. First of all, in LED TV, LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode. It is a new technology with advanced way of light used as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

Production Line

An LCD is basically a glass that functions while controlling the capacity of its pixels by reducing or increasing the electrical signals. Each pixel works asa cover-up instrument to manage the quantity of light getting through. Hence, it is only the source of light that gets through these pixels and creates the difference between the LED technology and LCD technology. In case of televisions, a very ubiquitous method is a method of back-lighting. Due to this, specific areas of the screen get soft and make all other different colours appear more pulsating an effervescent. Due to back-lighting the overall picture gets clearer and sharper. Viewers get to see clear and distinctive minute detailing on the screen making the watching experience a more exhilarating one for sure. By way of the superior picture quality, slim designs, better power efficiency and eco-friendly devices, now the LED technology is definitely more in demand than traditional LCDs.


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